Who Are Next-Gen Dreams?

Next-Gen Dreams is an Australian Based Game Art Outsourcing Company and we pride ourselves on our high-quality 3D Art produced for our clients.

We provide a personalised service for each individual client and strive to set the bar in the creative service industry. We have partners in software development and are currently working on some ground breaking projects in both the creative and commercial space.

Our Services Are

  • Low poly modeling
  • High poly sub d modeling for both game and cinematic assets
  • Texture: photo source 

We Specialize in

  • Environments
  • Props
  • Weapons
  • 3D Concept Design
  • AR & VR
  • Mobile Devlopment

How Much Do We Charge?

We Charge on a per project basis and have different estimates based on the services needed from each client.

What should I send for a quote?

I would recommend that you include specific information such as: 

  • Target platform (Xbox One, PS4, PC, other)
  • Estimated number of assets needed
  • Engine Integration (UE4, Unity, CryEngine, Proprietary)
  • Content type
  • Asset specs and requirements
  • Concept art and or reference images
  • Desired time frame for completion