Who is Next-Gen Dreams 3D:

Next-Gen Dreams 3D was founded in 2017 and has grown from a single freelancer to full professional team with the current internal team having over 30 years combined working experience in AAA and Indie Production.

Where are you Located:

Next-Gen Dreams is located across Europe and Australia ensuring 24/7 production service for our clients

what services do you provide:

We provide a full range of services that pertain to video-game, cinematic, and physical art assets. Our team of artists are very flexible and can work within your existing pipeline or help you establish a new one. We’ll also make sure that the quality and integrity of the art is maintained from concept to completion. In short we guarantee that our work will not only meet but also exceed your expectations. 

Our services are as follows: 

  • Low poly modeling

  • High poly sub d modeling for both game and cinematic assets

  • Texture: photo source or hand painted

  • High poly digital sculpting for normal / displacement map generation, 3d printing, and rapid prototyping

  • Target rendering for multimedia use

  • Concept art and illustrations

  • Rigging & Animation

How do you handle production management:

With our inbuilt processes and systems , we ensure that there is clear communication between our Artists and you the client. Our system allows for a clear communication channel between the client and our Artists to ensure the highest quality possible.

how much do you Charge:

We charge on a per-project basis, We understand a developer's needs when it comes to budgetary concerns and offer fair and competitive prices for our services. Feel free to send us an e-mail for a free price quote. 

what do I need to send for a quote:

We recommend that you send us a brief e-mail describing your project and the art requirements. The clearer you are about what you need from us, the more accurate a quote we can give you. 

We would also recommend that you include specific information such as: 

  • Target platform (Xbox One, PS4, PC, other)

  • Estimated number of assets needed

  • Engine Integration (UE4, Unity, CryEngine, Proprietary)

  • Content type

  • Asset specs and requirements

  • Concept art and or reference images

  • Desired time frame for completion

Company Leadership


Bryce Szandro

Head of Studio


James Brady

COO / Art Lead


Oliver Spasovski

Art Manager


Claudio Piccinni

Art Manager